Free Wifi

We understand your need to find the best possible and most cost-effective way to engage your audience at location. That’s where our service makes a real difference. It delivers differentiated digital content using machine learning capabilities.
The targeted messages are mass-customized to ensure high relevancy and deliver the desired marketing campaign impact.

Loc8te’ suite of products addresses your challenges for cost-efficient primary data acquisition, location-based marketing, analytics and service management. All of our products combine best in class network hardware and versatile software. Our customers benefit from our focus on location-based marketing and data, in particular the valuable end-to-end service bundle.

Our Offer

  • Integrated wireless hotspot solutions
  • Enterprise grade hardware 
  • Log-in mechanisms – one click, SMS, password
  • Marketing / Advertising revenue potential
  • Client touch point data capture & analysis

Our Service

  • Platform set-up and configuration
  • Marketing campaign management 
  • Network monitoring
  • Technology needs assessment
  • Cloud-based service

Your Benefits

  • Enhanced business performance highly cost efficient
  • On premise digital marketing – influence the path to purchase
  • Geo-location insights – holistic venue view
  • CRM database – profiles and behaviors
  • Off premise behavior-driven marketing automation