Robinsons Raffles City

Robinson & Co. Limited is a retail company, which has department stores in Singapore and Malaysia. Robinson & Co. ranks among the region’s most respected, established and recognized brands. The company celebrated its 150th Anniversary in 2008. The UAE-based Al-Futtaim Group owns Robinson & Co.

Following several meetings during the first half 2016, the senior management and IT team of Robinsons decided to introduce social hotspot® at Singapore Raffles City department store. This decision proved visionary and positioned Robinsons to engage their guests in new innovative ways; not least leverage smart technology to drive business results.

“We, of course, already had WiFi Access Points installed prior to social hotspot®”, says Jane Lee, Store Manager & Projects Robinsons Raffles City. “However, social hotspot® is different because this service not only supports our efforts around a data driven organization but also breaks new ground in terms of how we are spending money on hardware technology.”

“social hotspot® supports our efforts in influencing our shoppers’ behavior, not least channel traffic towards certain products. We have successfully demonstrated that social hotspot® has a positive commercial effect on shaping our shoppers’ purchase journey. This guest WiFi service is another powerful means in providing an outstanding guest experience”, Jane continues.

The Loc8te’s team recognizes that the close customer relationship and understanding customer needs are equally important to the service offered. The regular and open dialogue with the different stakeholders resulted in a tremendous learning experience and provided a lot of valuable client feedback, which will be used for future product developments.

Robinson & Co., like many other department stores around the world, is very concerned about the pre-Christmas shopping period, in particular the “Black Friday” shopping day. With social hotspot®, the transaction information on that day was complemented with rich insights around visitor traffic, duration and comparative data to an “average” Friday. The huge increase of visitors and in average stay duration during “Black Friday” versus the previous week’s Friday may indicate that Robinsons has demonstrated again why it is among the most successful and established department store players in town.