The Lokal Singapore

The Lokal Singapore

“As a café, it is very common to offer password protected WiFi to our patrons, but with social hotspot®, we've moved beyond the cost-only aspect of WiFi and transformed it into a powerful digital channel,”

Eunice Chin, marketing manager of The Lokal

The Lokal is a trendy and popular café & restaurant located within a quaintly decorated shop house on Singapore’s Neil Road. It has recently been nominated for both Chef of the Year & Cafe of the Year 2016 by Chope, an online reservation platform.

Under Chef Darren Farr’s guidance, The Lokal was able to differentiate itself and have a loyal and steady following since 2014 despite the proliferation of other F&B competitors in the area. But how would The Lokal go further by leaps and bounds and leave the competition behind?

The management and marketing team needed a way to better engage their customers. And because they have heard about the Loc8te’ social hotspot®, a managed hotspot service, they decided to retire their existing “guest WiFi 1.0”. And in three months’ time, The Lokal had amazing results and insights.

“We now better understand our guests—who they are, how often they visit us… Equipped with other guest profile information, we have started a monthly newsletter. Social hotspot® made it easy for us to build up our database and define a very segmented target audience from the data,” Chin declares.

What’s very impressive about all of this is how social hotspot® helped The Lokal generate tremendous return on investment in three months’ time despite very limited budget and resources to work on. Some data examples shared are:

On an average, 25% of The Lokal visitors use the guest WiFi. This translates to reaching about 2,000 unique Lokal visitors who use the guest WiFi on a monthly basis. This is an opportunity to deliver the right message with the right content at the right time.

5% of The Lokal visitors stay between 5mins-60mins. This raises the question of whether this staying time aligns with the venue’s business concept.

Nearly two-thirds of The Lokal visitors were tagged as residents. This information may validate the relevance of guest WiFi for a diverse market.

Users Data
Users data
Usage data

Thanks to social hotspot®, The Lokal has taken charge of its WiFi by converting each connected mobile phone into its own digital billboard that sends the right message to the right target audience at the right time.

social hotspot® has totally transformed the guest experience and is a helpful tool for businesses like The Lokal to level the playing field between among competitors who can spend more on direct marketing. It has given the business the opportunity “to offer something for free and give the guests the much-asked-for amenity,” observes one of the managers of Loc8te.