Location-based marketing platform

Learn more about your customers to serve them better

social hotspot®

social hotspot®

Digital location marketing platform

Key components

  • Comprehensive platform and features for marketing campaigns
  • Technology and software bundle
  • Relevant location marketing metrics and ongoing primary data collection

Main value drivers

  • Feed your sales funnel and collect, analyze and compare thousands of guest profiles, behavior and preferences
  • Cost effective way to expand your brand reach across your venue portfolio
  • Influence customer behavior and monetize the digital channel

The commercial rationale for using social hotspot®?

The rich platform features not only allow you to interact with your audience, but also assist you in reaching more customers, profile those, learn new insights about them and leverage the community effect. The combination of general footfall and proximity analytics yields a rich primary data set to guide your digital transformation aspirations.

The commercial rationale for using social hotspot®?


  • Expand beyond your physical boundaries with an exclusive channel
  • Communicate with your target audience in a non intrusive way


  • Deepen your understanding of customer attributes and behavior
  • Comprehensive geo-spatial, and foot-flow location insights


  • Ongoing information about your most valuable asset: your guests


  • Make better sense of location activity individually and combined
  • Benchmark strategic value, macro data, and seasonality


Close range Bluetooth push notifications

Blinke® allows our customers to activate targeted close-range client engagement marketing. Built on Bluetooth technology, the customer can reach and send “push notifications” when near the store. This will allow to direct traffic inside the store and help activate shopping behavior.

Beacon / iBeacon can be thought of as a close-range communication medium built on Bluetooth standards. Those beacons enable proximity marketing from the broadcasting device to a receiver device (e.g. mobile phone).

This service complements existing mobile App services and closes this functionality gap.


Security camera, motion & traffic analysis

Camera based venue security on a different level

Emage® is a cloud managed security camera subscription which allows our customers to gain much more than just in-store security. We centrally manage the technology and extract relevant analytics – from audience count, motion traffic to heat maps – presented on the Loc8te dashboard.

Loc8te only uses the best enterprise grade camera hardware so that service reliability regulatory compliance and scalability are all taken care of.

Whether as a stand alone service or in combination with the other Loc8te products, the affordable Emage® subscription gives B2C businesses important insights to guest behavior, space utilization and traffic flow. This goes beyond security and will shape the businesses decision making on client engagement strategies.

Digital Signage

Shopper / guest behavior and space utilization analysis matters

Business to consumer brands are looking for innovative ways to evolve their brand and learn from their customers. The desire for data supported decision-making in the age of customer networks and digital transformation is well understood. This service perfectly complements the comprehensive traffic patterns audience insights from social hotspot®.

Emage delivers primary in store camera derived insights around audience count, people detection, guest and traffic flow, not least in store heat maps.
Those insights benefit our subscribers in their desire for customer centricity, understanding and optimizing guest engagement and discover store utilization patterns.

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