Modular Pricing Structure

Every customer context is unique – Loc8te packages ensures that everyone subscribes to the right package for the desired outcomes.

The main commercial details are one-time system set-up fee and monthly service fee.

Please contact us so that we can work with you to assess your circumstance, needs and goals.


We balance the subscriber needs of rich customer profile data with the platform users understanding around personal sensitive data.

Any collected data is provided voluntarily and with explicit consent.

The Loc8te platform does not collect information beyond what is requested during the content flow process.


Loc8te solutions are managed services which means that we constantly monitor equipment and platform operating status to reduce on-site engineering call outs and fast troubleshooting.

All hardware components carry a lifetime warranty for the duration of the service period.

Our technology is agnostic to the ISP telecom provider. We do, however,  recommend 100 Mbps or higher bandwidth speeds.