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We are a company engaged in location-based marketing and location analytics. We deliver digital guest experiences for our business to consumer customers at location by offering an integrated solution and data monetization channel. Our subscription services enable our clients to communicate with their guests, influence and incentivize purchase behavior, collect ongoing guest attributes and location data. Our cloud-managed services are simple to activate and scalable, making it easy to bring the benefits of corporate IoT to your organization without the need for a costly mobile app.


The speed to activate the service and the platform features are key benefits to our solution. Once up and running, the platform opens up your business to many marketing activities such as brand building, running specific marketing campaigns, learning more about your guests, and more. Enjoy the following features of our service:

Scalability (service can be rolled out at single location or across an entire venue portfolio)

Customization (versatile and dynamic content triggers)

Affordability (low acquisition and running cost)

Data (ongoing data collection with actionable insights)

Engagement (non intrusive way to engage and learn about your shoppers/guests)

From the moment of activation, our clients begin to enjoy our platform features to support their commercial and marketing efforts, such as:

Schedule exclusive marketing campaigns at venue with specific call to action (e.g. voucher)

Target and recognize your audience based on past behavior and guest profile (e.g. tourist versus resident)

Monetize the digital content space and rent pop-up space out to partners and third party companies

Promote your brand and your entire venue portfolio / concepts

All businesses need to know more about their market. They are not there just sell to anyone and everyone. To know more about the target market is crucial to every business. Our service does just that. It helps businesses to understand each shopper’s behavior and use those findings to increase the probability of sales. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg as multiple efforts to get shoppers/guests engaged with the store and brand.

Our suite of location-based marketing platform features addresses these challenges, activating the power of corporate IoT for businesses large and small. The marketing digital channel at location incentivizes and communicates with the shopper guests in a non-intrusive way, becoming a fair exchange of offering a widely expected amenity between business and shopper/guests and increased customer experience in the form of rule-based, personalized marketing content at location.

The need to
be customer-
centric is

With social hotspot® platform, businesses can facilitate sales, stimulate guest behavior positively, build the brand and enhance the overall venue experience. Because of these, the service delivers a return-on-investment that is based on hard data derived from two major factors: versatile marketing features and primary insights from geo-location analytics. It also complements ongoing cross-channel marketing campaigns, bringing venue operational metrics and guide management in regards to data-driven decision making.  Some of the key marketing metrics provided are:

Loyalty (visit frequency, retention, cross location visits)

Conversion (capture rate, engagement rate)

Foot fall (guests, visitors, passer by)

Reach (dwell times per location, mean visit duration)

Profile (guest segmentation based on key variables like age, gender, email, nationality, interests …)

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Our Skills & Expertise

Our expertise in marketing front-end customization and back-end technology will be to your advantage as our team is composed of marketing specialists and digital technology experts.

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